David Luby

BS, Mechanical Engineering

University of New Hampshire 2022

This website is a collection of my favorite projects. You can see more detail under the Projects tab or by clicking pulsing gold text. All projects' source code are on my GitHub. Try it on mobile!


3-D Fluid Simulation

Z-Axis Rotation

2-D Collision Simulation


Mechatronic Color Sorting Conveyor

Fullstack Basketball Card Deck App

Enter an active NBA player's name above. Try typing in "Al Horford" (remove quotes) if you need a name.

Quick Start

The above application is intended to demonstrate fullstack competency. Please visit the explanation page for a description of what is going on behind the scenes.

Click on the search bar and type in an NBA player's name. Limitations to the search algorithm have the following consequences:

  • only one search is allowed each minute (fill decks with repeated cards, or edit an existing deck)
  • the player must still be playing in the NBA
  • names typed into the search bar should be spelled perfectly
  • players with prefixes, suffixes, or hyphens—anything other than a first and last name—rarely work
  • players traded this season will appear with a blank background and some incorrect data
  • player data is blurred


All player pictures, statistics, and data are property of www.basketball-reference.com. This demonstration is intentionally limited to better align with the guidelines issued by Sports Reference. Measures taken to limit this site's footprint on Sports Reference's are described on the explanation page. Data, images, statistics, etc. from Sports Reference are blurred.

Motorized Bike

Mounting a four-stroke engine to a pedal bike was the easy part of this project—maintenence was the true challenge. 49 CC's of vibrations really leaves a mark on a $100 Huffy Cranbrook from Walmart. Making sure this was safe to ride required several modifications as its mileage ballooned.